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Frequent Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions about home care come up a lot, so we have answers to popular questions here. If you can’t find what you need, or you need a more detailed answer, just give us a call.
01. What is Home Care?
Domiciliary home care - usually called home care for short – is care and support provided for someone in their own home. The usual pattern is for a trained carer to visit the client at agreed times every day or on specified days. The aim is to maintain that person’s independence and their place within their community with the dignity and respect they deserve. Additionally, it is very often a real and preferred alternative to residential home care. Types of care ranges from companionship and help with everyday tasks, to personal care and sometimes live in 24-hour care.
02. How is Home Care different to Residential Care?
Home care is care provided in your own home. With home care you can have the comfort and familiarity of being at home. Residential care means that you move out of your own home and into a residential home shared by other residents. Not all residential homes with available space will be close to where you or your family live.
03. Who is home care for?
Home care is for anyone who is finding it difficult to look after themselves and stay safe, or where it is no longer practicable for family members to provide the care needed. It is also available for clients who just want to get out and about with the reassurance and confidence of having someone with them.
04. What care services can you provide?
Your Home Care can provide all non-medical care services that you’ll need in order to remain at home and lead an independent life. Where medical care is required, Your Home Care will be able to liaise with your GP or specialist to dovetail this with the services we provide. For a full list of our services, click on the Services tab on the menu at the top of the page.
05. What if I need help out of ‘office’ hours?
We operate 24 hours a day. Our office is open during regular working hours and we have an out of hours telephone number for emergencies. You will get full details as part of your care plan. We will never leave you without support.
06. Do you provide care for people with Dementia?
Yes. We have experience in this field and our team of carers includes those who specialise in this work. For more information, in the menu above click on Services tab and look for Dementia Care and Alzheimer’s Disease.
07. What are the benefits of home care?
Home care means that you get the care you need in the comfort of your own home. The benefits of this are many, including you are much more likely to remain active, independent and healthy you will find it easier to keep up with friends and be part of the community. If you require medication, our Home Care Assistants will know what you need and when you need it, so you’ll avoid forgetting it or accidentally taking too much Other family members are relieved of the full burden of looking after someone with care needs having the support of a home care provider removes stress, especially where caring has fallen on the shoulders of just one other person everyone involved benefits – the client’s family as well as the client themselves Your Home Care Assistant will be another compassionate person who can monitor your loved one’s wellbeing.
08. Who are Your Home Care? Are they different to other providers?
Your Home Care is a new company founded by two industry professionals with considerable experience in the home care sector. Our Registered Care Manager is a person of similar deep experience and has twice recently been part of CQC inspections graded Outstanding. You can find out more about our leadership team on our page About Us. One of the driving forces behind the business is their determination to improve the quality of home care services in the community. It is a sector they know well and one where it is sadly still the case that not all suppliers do everything they should. Your Home Care breaks that mould. Instrumental to this drive is the use of home care specific technology to manage many administrative tasks. This makes our service significantly more responsive and reliable than where this information is still handled in bulky paper files. Our Home Care Assistants are freed up to focus on their main role – delivering their support in a caring and compassionate way that puts respect for the client first. The standard of care and service provided by Your Home Care is second to none.
09. How do I fund home care?
This will depend on your circumstances. For more information follow the link to Funding your Care.
10. If I arrange home care with you, how do I know I’ll get the right Home Care Assistant?
We put a lot of effort into matching our clients and carers. It is important for both that this is done properly. It will be one of the main considerations during initial assessment and when we create a care plan. It is important that client and carer are a good fit in terms of temperament and personality and, of course, we make sure that the carer selected has exactly the right skills to provide the specific care required.

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