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DBS Consent

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  • Individuals wishing to apply for a DBS check must declare all current and previous identity details to the DBS to receive a valid certificate. Currently there is no facility to supply transgender information securely at the point of application for a DBS Enhanced or Standard check. Applicants wishing to use the sensitive application route can submit their application following the normal process, providing identity details and history for their current gender only. At the same time applicants must contact the DBS Casework Management team either by telephone +44(0)151 676 1133 or email sensitive@dbs.gsi.gov.uk to advise that they have previously been known by a different gender identity but do not wish this to be disclosed on their certificate. They do not need to provide evidence or a declaration of their previous identity and only need follow the sensitive application route once unless further transgender information is to be added. After capture, transgender information cannot be deleted and will continue to be searched for all future applications due to profile matching.