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Electronic Call Monitoring

Electronic Call Monitoring

Electronic Call Monitoring

Your call monitoring system helps me sleep at night. I’m able to see exactly what happened that day with my mother. It’s brilliant!

Peace of Mind for You, and for Us

When Paul Pitchford and Scott Marsh founded Your Home Care they had a number of priorities they felt would underpin Your Home Care and those things would create a stable foundation for Your Home Care to be built upon to provide a leading home care service from. One of those things was electronic call monitoring. Not only did they want to provide electronic call monitoring for their clients and their families but they want to do so, free of charge.

Paper based call records in the home are a thing of the past. They’re dated, open to abuse and they’re most likely out of date before they’re even stored in the client’s home. Scott and Paul knew the only way to build Your Home Care was upon a world class call monitoring solution.

Experience Matters

Both Paul and Scott had experienced the difficulties of paper based visit records, paper based mar charts and poor scheduling software. Mistakes happen and they strongly feel that’s just not acceptable.

Paul has 25 years in the IT sector. A software developer for 15 years, Paul knows what to look for when identifying potential software solutions for new businesses. With this in mind, Paul and Scott drove the length and breadth of the country meeting software providers, meeting the customer support teams and meeting with software developers until they were satisfied that they had found the software solution that they’d be happy to provide for their clients and their families.

The system is designed to save time, minimise errors as well as give Home Care Assistants, clients and their families as well as management real-time access to the information they require. The system has secure access levels for different users to ensure that the person accessing the data can only access what they’re granted to.

How Does it Work?

Your Home Care create detailed digital care plans, forms and eMAR (medication administration records) and more for each and every client that joins your home care. These are the details that allow our Home Care Assistants to provide a seamless service to our clients and their families.

These records can be updated live as and when is needed to make sure data is live and up to date. Your Home Care management staff carry out assessments, reviews and complete daily care notes.

Information only has to be entered once because everything is synchronised. Staff do not need to type up paper forms or travel to and from client’s homes to check or update care documentation. As soon as our care staff update records, they’re instantly available to either the Home Care Assistants or the client and their families via the mobile app.

All care plans and supporting records can be printed and / or emailed should it be required.

Home Care Assistants have the information they need at their fingertips on their mobile device. Information about the rota and any changes that may occur are delivered immediately to their mobile app. When they arrive at the client’s home to start the visit they log in via the app. The automatically stores the date, time and GPS location of the Home Care Assistant.

Upon starting the visit the Home Care Assistant is presented with a list of person centred tasks that are arranged with our client team and the client. These tasks along with medication instructions can be very detailed to ensure the client’s wishes are met. These tasks must be marked as complete or incomplete before the Home Care Assistant can log out a call. Detailed notes are taken along the way to ensure a clear picture is built about the visit and the clients wellbeing.

All this information is immediately synchronised back to head office so that our care staff, clients and their families are able to see the call records for themselves. The exact same information that is available to our care staff is available to our clients and their families ensuring complete transparency.

Live View

Back at head office in our operations room, we have a large monitor on the wall that displays the status of all the calls over a 12 hour period. It allows us to see which calls have been completed, which calls are in progress and which calls have been delayed or missed. This allows us to be proactive rather than reactive. We instantly get notified if a call is delayed, let alone missed. It allows us to make sure we get to that issue immediately. There is no reason that calls should be missed, we will always have staff on hand to take over calls if an emergency arises.

The system also sends key staff members alerts out of office hours. If the worst was to happen and a call is attended late or missed we also receive text messages and emails warning us so. This is an added layer of security that ensures our management team remain proactive rather than reactive.

I’m able to see who is coming to visit me on my calls in advance with a lovely photo. It’s so reassuring.

Clients and their Families

Part of the Your Home Care service is to give access to the system to their clients and family members (given permission) for complete transparency. Clients and family members are able to see upcoming care visits, which Home Care Assistants will be attending and their photograph and what’s on the care plan for those upcoming visits. They’re also able to see call records for all their previous visits.

Whilst easy to use, the app is completely secure. With multi-level access control, and ISO 27001 security and Information Governance Standards compliant, we make sure only the right people can access the information they need.

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