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Personal Care

Personal Care

Personal Care

Personal Care is help with personal and intimate tasks. Age, illness or disability can make it difficult to do those things which are very personal, and which were once easy and automatic.

Our team are trained to be sensitive and discreet so that carers make sure the individual they are helping can retain their dignity and self-confidence. We know the importance of continuity, so you can build up a good relationship of mutual trust.

Although the need for personal care can be distressing and frustrating, a dedicated and compassionate Home Care Assistant from Your Home Care really can change the way you feel for the better.

Personal care can include help with

  • getting dressed in the morning
  • getting ready for bed at night
  • washing, showering and bathing
  • toileting and changing
  • medication
  • meal and snack preparation and assistance with eating
  • general personal care, such as looking after your hair and nails, and help with shaving.

Everyone is different and the personal care they need will be different too. We’ll take great care to make sure you have exactly the right level of care, delivered in a way that suits you.

Our outstanding personal care is compassionate and understanding. It’s about helping you manage daily tasks and enjoy the rest of the day. It’s about maintaining dignity and confidence. Our staff are chosen for their humanity as well as their skills: they are hand-picked to deliver their support with sensitivity and respect – we never forget we are caring for an individual.

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