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Help Around Your Home

Help Around Your Home

Help Around Your Home

Our home care can be in the shape of caring practical help in and around the home – the sort of jobs that can be harder with age or if recovering from a serious operation. Typically, this can start with keeping the house clean and tidy. It’s a weight off your mind and will make it easier for you to relax and do the things you enjoy.

Help in and around the house can be a short or long-term arrangement. It can be invaluable during convalescence (after an operation or a stroke, for example) or to help manage a longer-term condition such as Parkinson’s Disease.

Typical housekeeping tasks could include

  • tidying
  • cleaning – dusting and hoovering
  • washing and ironing
  • assisting with cleaning the home
  • preparing and cooking meals, washing up
  • feeding pets
  • posting and collecting mail

If you are or have been an active member of a local club, our support could also be for you to get there more frequently to meet friends or participate in activities – and if you’re not a member already, you can use this opportunity to pick up a new hobby.

If you’ve been finding these everyday tasks are starting to take too long, regular caring help in and around the home could be the assistance you’ve been looking for.

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