Are you a Carer, or a caring individual looking to get into care? Join Your Home Care.

Useful Information

Arranging the right care can seem like a daunting process and for some it can be part of a stressful change in routines. However, we are here to help, so always ask the question; if it’s important to you, it’s important to us.

Step 1 – Let’s Talk

Chat with our friendly care team and discuss what kind of care you or your loved one are looking for. Let us understand more about you and your loved one’s needs. This can be done over the telephone, or you can stop by our office in Mansfield Woodhouse and speak to us face to face.

Step 2 – Home is where the heart is

We will arrange a free care consultation with you, your loved one or a family member at your home to discuss the specific needs and the type of support that’s required. A member of our care management team will go through what’s important to you including daily routine, health needs, lifestyle and life history but also chat through your hobbies and interest, preferences and daily routine etc. By sharing this valuable information with us, we will then be able to create a bespoke care plan that is tailored to your needs and helps you to remain independent in your own home whilst achieving your personal goals.

Step 3 – Part of our service

  • Introductions – Our Home Care Assistant’s will always be introduced to you before they visit you for the first time to reassure you that they know you better, how you like things to be and where everything is. The initial introduction will be made by a senior member of staff.
  • RESTORE2 – The purpose of RESTORE2 is to improve the recognition of early warning signs and prompt appropriate action to prevent further deterioration or the need for emergency interventions. You will receive these physical observations in your own home by our fully trained Home Care Assistants at agreed times.
  • Electronic call monitoring – We use electronic call monitoring to ensure that 99% of our visits are on time. Not only this but the care app allows us to monitor the care plan and medication to ensure that the appropriate care is being carried out each time without failure.
  • Family App – You can login into this from anywhere in the world and see what notes have been written from a visit by our community team, that all tasks have been completed and the reassurance that your loved one is safe and sound.

Step 4 – What happens next?

Once an agreed start date and visit times have been confirmed, your care package will begin. We’ll provide you with login details for our family app and make sure you understand how to use it.

It always takes a little time for you, your loved ones and our team to get to know each other but don’t worry, our care team will be in touch to make sure everything is ok, and things are running smoothly.

To make sure we are providing the very best care possible, our care team will carry out their service reviews which ensures your current needs reflect your care plan.

Some questions come up on a regular basis, so please do browse our list of Frequently Asked Questions. If your question isn’t there, don’t hesitate to callus.

We also have other pages that you will find further helpful information. Please click a link below for more information on that particular topic: