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Shopping & Social Activities

Shopping & Social Activities

Shopping & Social Activities

Social activities are a transformative way to enjoy life more. It is an intrinsic part of developing and maintaining well-being. Shopping can also be more than a necessity: it brings social contact and you can always include meeting up with a friend or relative for a cup of tea or coffee.

Going shopping or getting to and from social activities, as well as support while you are there, can be part of an existing care plan or it can be a service on its own. It’s especially relevant where mobility is difficult, for example when recuperating from an operation or if illness or old age made it harder to get about. Care will include making sure that you can get in and out of a vehicle, or on and off a bus, safely and comfortably.

Being out and about is not only healthier and enjoyable, it increases confidence and adds important variety to daily routines.

Support can include help to

  • visit family and friends
  • get to and from shops, and around them once you are there
  • visit day centres or social clubs
  • visit sports clubs
  • get to the doctor, dentist or optician
  • go on days out
  • holidays abroad

At Your Home Care, we can support in many different ways, so do call and discuss what you have in mind.

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